Legend 1985 Movie Poster

"No good without evil.  No love without hate.  No innocence without lust.  I am Darkness."  Legend was a 1985 fantasy adventure movie that starred Tom Cruise as jack, Mia Sara as Princess Lili, and Tim Curry was the Lord of Darkness.  The movie received mixed reviews, and was ultimately a financial dud.  Since it debuted in 1985, the movie has gained a cult following since the release of a director's cut edition.  It was heralded for its special effects and cinematography.

In the movie, the Lord of Darkness employs the use of his goblins, and a character named Blix, to kill two unicorns and bring him their horns, so that he can be freed from his current isolated state.  Just as Blix shoots a poison dart at one of the unicorns, he is interrupted by Princess Lily (Mia Sara) and Jack (Tom Cruise).  Lily and Jack are friends out for a stroll to view the unicorns, and Lily ends up startling the poisoned unicorn which runs away.  Unaware that it was poisoned, Lily runs away after the unicorn's horn is cut off and everything freezes.  Jack, along with a group of friends (an elf, a fairy, and some dwarfs), not only set out to rescue Lily from the Lord of Darkness, but also to recover the horn and return it to the unicorn (which will make it whole again).  In the end, Lily is saved, Darkness is defeated, and the fallen unicorn comes back to life.