Okay, we fully admit that not every toy we listed in this section is strictly a "boy" toy. We are sure there were plenty of girls out there who played with their brother's Hot Wheel cars, He-Man sets, and Fisher Price action figures, but because we have no agenda here on this site, we can be politically incorrect if we want to. These are the toys (most of them) that were meant to make boys into men! See if we remembered your favorite toy.

Like the "Boys Toys", we realize there were boys out there who played with their sister's Strawberry Shortcake toys and combed the mains of the My Little Pony horses, but let's face it, those boys did that in secret. This section features those toys that were meant to take the ambiguity out of gender identity. These 80's toys were for girls, man!

The electronic games of the 1980's were rudimentary compared to the games kids play today. These days, the 4 hour car trip to Grandma's is filled with entertainment like Iphones, Handheld gaming systems, and DVD players. In the 80's, Merlin and the Little Professor were top notch car toys, and if you were really lame, you had to play with the Wonder Waterfuls. In addition to the old electronic games we played, this section is dedicated to all the other toys that boys and girls could enjoy equally, such as the Etch-a-sketch, Lite Brite, and Popoids.