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Action shows on the television have certainly changed since the 1980's. Back then, the A-Team could blow through 1000 rounds of ammo in 5 minutes, and nobody would ever get hit. Each week, we all knew that B.A., Howling Mad Murdock, Face, and Hannibal would be back. These days, you never know when a show will kill off one of the main characters, and the violence seems to grow increasingly more realistic. But don't worry, be happy! In this section, not only is Thomas Magnum is still being chased by Apollo and Zues, but B.J. still has the Bear, Stringfellow Hawke can still fly, and Daisy is still earing her "Dukes".

Before cable TV channels like Nickolodeon and the Cartoon Network, and before devices like Google Chrome or Roku, there were Saturday morning cartoons. We raise a glass to those of you who woke up early on Saturday morning, adjusted those rabbit ears, and settled in to watch shows like Scobby Doo, Looney Tunes, and Tom & Jerry. As the 80's progressed, a new breed of more serious cartoons began airing, such as Thundercats, BraveStarr, and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Visit this section to take a trip down a Saturday morning in the 1980's.

Although there were a few outliers that relied on sexual inuendo, such as Three's Company, the greater majority of 80's TV comedy shows were tame by today's standards. The 80's brought us family friendly shows like Charles in Charge, Full House, Webster, and so many more. Drop by this section to reminisce about some of your old favorites, and we guarantee you will find an old comedy TV gem you forgot about.

We would never bore you with every 80's product peddled on the TV, after all, there is a reason Summer's Eve is no longer advertised on TV. But we have pointed out some of the more memorable TV commercials of the 1980's, such as "Where's the Beef", Bartles and Jaymes, 

In the 1980's, some of the better known drama's revolved around the characters of Dallas and Falcon Crest. Pop reality dramas like CSI, and true reality shows like Survivor and American Idol, where on nobody's radar. Visit this section to see what other 80's drama shows you might have forgotten about.

The 70's and 80's were ripe with game shows, some of the more popular ones we feature here. Of course we include the long running stand bys like Jeopardy, Wheel of Fortune, and the Price is Right, but what about the $100,000 Pyramid, the Joker's Wild, and Super Password? You know you had your favorite!

In many cases, a successful horror movie franchise on the silver screen translated into a network television show, like Freddy's Nightmares and Friday the 13th the Series. But there were other creepy shows to watch in the 80's as well, such as the Darkroom, Werewolf, and Amazing Stories. And if you have memories of being frightened by these shows as a kid, you are not alone. Watch them again, however, through a contemporary lense, and you just might find yourself cracking a smile.

For the most part, the mini series on network television is a thing of the past. In the 1970's and 1980's, however, the mini-series was all the rage. Although many of these 80's mini-series shows were a bit boring for younger kids, some of you older ones sat with mom and dad and suffered through them. So what are we talking about in this section? Shows like Lonesome Dove, the North and South, and Shogun.

There were a number of shows from the 1980's that do not fit comfortably in any other category. These were shows like That's Incredible, Unsolved Mysteries, and Hee Haw. Did we miss any?

The success of Star Trek and Star Wars, in addition to improvements in technology, ushered in a new era of science fiction TV shows in the 1980's. From Automan to Picard's Star Trek, we cover them all. So take a few centons and visit this section to re-explore old galaxies in the 25th century