La Musica

The 80's were an interesting time for Country music. Of course you had those 80's Country Music groups that did well on the Country Charts, but then you had all those cross over artists, such as Eddie Rabbitt, Kenny Rogers, and the Oak Ridge Boys, who managed to hit the mainstream Billboard Top 40 at the same time.

The 1970's metal movement in Great Britain had a major influence on the heavy metal music of the USA. The metal bands of the late 1970's gave rise to the hair metal of the late 1980's, By around 1992, only a few hair bands viably remained, and everyone else had to get jobs at Wal-mart. Although the guitar solo may be a thing of the past, we haven't forgotten about it on this site. Not only do we feature mainstream bands like AC/DC, Warrant, Poison, and Van Halen, but we also head down the more obscure road, with metal bands like Orion the Hunter, GTR, and Kick Axe.

Many of our favorite rock bands had their heyday before 1980, but then again many of them have continued kicking it well into the 2000's and beyond. This section of the site features great bands you know, like Journey, Kansas, REO Speedwagon, Rush, and Styx, and some you don'tt, like 707, GTR, and Kim Mitchell.

There were tons of groups in the 1980's that manage to land a top 40 Billboard chart hit, and although we don't include them all here, we include a bunch, from A-ha to Will to Power. These are the songs that head bangers refused to acknowledge back in the 1980's, but let's be honest, these days "80's on 8" is a preset channel on your XM radio. The first step to recovery is to admit those 80's Top 40 songs were actually pretty good (most of them).