Dark Crystal, The

The Dark Crystal Movie Poster

The Dark Crystal was a Jim Henson and Frank Oz science-fantasy flick released in 1982.  At the time, the animatronics where considered cutting edge, and the movie had a darker feel to it than other Henson projects.  Although the film received mix reviews from critics, it was profitable, and has received a more favorable rating as the years have gone by.  It is more of a fantasy film than science fiction, but we put it in this category because it does not really fit anywhere else.

Many years ago, on a different planet, a magical crystal was shattered, and two new races appeared.  One of the races, called the Skeksis, looked like lizards, while the second race, the Mystics, were hunched over wizards.  They were, in essence, at one time single beings that must be re-joined.  Jen, from another race of inhabitants, called Gelflings, is sent on a mission by the Mystics to retrieve a shard of the crystal from a mystic named Aughra.  The shard must be put back into the Dark Crystal before time runs out.  If the shard is not recovered in time, the Skeksis will rule forever, and the Mystics well never be re-joined.  The Skeksis ruler finds out what Jen is trying to do, and he sends out a small army of creatures called Garthim to find him.

After Aughra is captured by the Garthim, Jen meets another Gelfling named Kira, and the two team up together to get the shard to the alerted Mystics.  The two try to reason with the Skeksis, but the selfish nature of their essence has taken over, and they prefer to remain autonomous.  In the end, Jen gets the shard back into the crystal, just before the three moons converge, and the Skeksis and Mystics are rejoined and the planet is restored.