Why create a website about the 1980's?

As the creator of ilovethe80s.com, I have to remind myself from time to time why I put the website together.  I suppose it stems from being nostalgic about the 1980’s.  I was your typical teenager back then.  My plan was to grow up and become a hair metal rock star, but the closest I got was playing a gig at a girl named Holly’s 13th birthday party for my share of $100.  Old School Jackson Flying VIt was the only paying gig we ever received.  Perhaps I should have spent more time practicing my guitar than shelling out quarters in the mall arcade.

So now it is years later, and although I still have my old Charvel Jackson guitar, I have forgotten all those Poison and Motley Crue songs we used to play.  The mullet is gone, none of my old concert t-shirts fit me anymore, and God only knows what happened to my old Heather Thomas bikini poster collection (not that my wife would let me hang them up again anyway).  Even my old friends are gone, even the ones that still just live a few short miles away.

So I think about the 80’s.  I think about a time when we all had un-realistic dreams about our Utopian futures.  Back then we worried about who was going to be ponying up gas money, or how we might score a fifth of Jack.  We weren’t thinking about mortgages, health insurance, or retirement accounts.  We did not have worries about the mortality of our parents, or our own mortality, or the mortality of our children.  So, every now and again, it is nice to think back to a time when I didn’t really have to think…and for me, that was the 1980’s.  And my hope is that this site brings a smile to your face as well.