Battle Beasts

Battle Beasts Action Figures

As the 80s wore on, the action figures toys progress from G.I. Joe, to crazy looking man-beast, dinosaur-looking, crazy things like this Battle Beast (called BeastFormers in Japan).  This Hasbro toy line was essentially anthropomorphic animals geared up for battle.  There left hands were typically replaced with some type of personalized weapon.  Each character had a heat sensitive area on their chest that demonstrated their area of strength (fire, wood, water, and a sunburst).

The Battle Beasts were spin-offs from a Transformer episode called "Rebellion on Planet Beast".  There was a second line of these toys called Laser Beasts (Shadow Warriors) that were popular in Japan with a limited released in the USA and the Europe.  Some of the Battle Beast characers included White Leo, Big Serow, Goldar, Fly Kick, Elephan, Gray Sharp, Power Jaguar, Dark Raccoon, etc.