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Autograph Hair Metal Band

Autograph was a pop L.A. metal band that got started in 1983 and hit it big with the help of an old friend (David Lee Roth of Van Halen).  Some of you may remember that the un-signed Autograph toured throughout 1984 as the opening act for Van Halen.  Rumor has it the band's name was chosen as an emulation of Def Leppard's song "Photograph".

Autograph was one of those hair bands that actually had some decent talent (which you had to have if you had a keyboard player in your metal band).  Although they are primarily known for the song "Turn Up the Radio," which hit number 30 on the charts in 1985, all of their albums are solid examples of pop metal.  Some of you may remember the song "Blonds in Black Cars" from their 1985 release, That's the Stuff. 

In the 80's, Autograph also toured with bands like Motley Crue, Dio, Aerosmith, Whitesnake, Heart, and even Bryan Adams.  Some of you may even remember that the band had cameos in a handful of 80's movies, and of course who can forget their Headbanger's Ball appearances.

If  you are a big fan, you should check out the 1997 album (Missing Pieces), which is a compilation of previously un-released 80's tracks and some demos.

At the time of this writing, the Autograph Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Autograph track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Sign in Please
  • 1985: That's the Stuff
  • 1987: Loud and Clear
  • 1997: Missing Pieces
  • 2003: Buzz
  • 2003: More Missing Pieces