Baby on Board

Baby on Board Signs

Baby on Board signs were a mid-80's fad that started as 5 inch signs hung from the windows of cars.  They were brought to market in the USA in 1984 by a company called Safety 1st Corporation, and were meant to promote safe driving.  Forget about the safety hazard of taking your eyes of the road to read the "Baby on Board" sign.  It was a relatively short-lived fad in the USA, peaking in 1985 and quickly fading by 1986.  The signs did happen to fuel a number of parodies, including signs that read "Baby I'm Bored", "Mother-In-Law in Trunk", etc.  The original Baby on Board sign also made it to woman's clothing, as in "I'm pregnant".   Although he fad has all but died in the USA, it was still alive in the United Kingdom, Italy, and Japan at the time of this writing (similar signs were being sold in Europe prior to 1985).