Sports Cars of the 80's

Sports Cars of the 1980's

Every decade features it share of cool cars, and the 80's was no exception.  Those sport cars that we drooled over in high school often find their way into our garages as we get older and can afford them.  And as we began scooping them up, they begin to appreciate in value.  By today's standards, your grandma's Hyundai has more horsepower than most of the sports cars that came out of the 1980's, but like every generation, we still have a thing for those cars we couldn't afford back then.  Some of the most notable and recognizable sports cars included the IROC-Z, Trans Am, Mustang GT, Porsche 944, Corvette, 300zx, Fiero, and the Mazda RX-7.  For those of us who couldn't afford one of these, we were relegated to the world of old Chevelles and Novas with shiny rims, fat tires (in the back), and rusty quarter panels.