Valley Girl

Valley Girl Movie Poster

"She's cool.  He's hot.  She's from the Valley.  He's not".  Valley Girl, one of the earliest movies starring Nicolas Cage (the earliest was Fast Times at Ridgemont High), was a low-budget romantic comedy released in 1983.  Nicolas Cage (formerly known as Nicolas Copolla) starred as Randy, and Deborah Foreman starred as Julie Richman.  Regardless of the films $350k budget, it went on to earn over $17 million.

In this movie, Julie (Foreman), a valley girl with snobbish friends, breaks up with her class-stud boyfriend after deciding he wasn’t right for her.  At a party, she meets and soon begins to date a punk rocker named Randy (Cage), much to the chagrin of Julie’s former boyfriend.  Julie’s snobbish friends begin to disown her for dating Randy, who is not from the Valley like them.  Julie reluctantly succumbs to the peer pressure, and ends up dumping a broken-hearted Randy to get back with her ex-boyfriend.  In the end, Julie follows her heart after Randy aggressively pursues her, and the couple end up together in the end (after Randy puts Julie’s ex in his place, of course).