Voltron 80's Toys

The Voltron toy line was based on a cartoon (and comic book series), that aired from 1984 to 1985, called Voltron: Defenders of the Universe.  The show was about a team of space explorers who piloted their own ships, which could be combined into a huge robotic space ship called “Voltron”.  In the 1980’s, Matchbox imported the Lion F orce and Vehicle Force Voltron diecast toys from Japan, as well as releasing a series of smaller robots.  As the years have gone by, other companies have taken up the Voltron toy line.  Companies like Panosh Place, Trendmasters, Toynami, and even Mattel.  A company called THQ even released a game called Voltron: Defender of the Universe for the Xbox and Playstation.

Characters from the show included names like Commander Keith, Lance, Pidge, Sven, Hunk, and Princess Allura for the Lion Voltron Force (Golion Team), and names like Commander Jeff, Rocky, Wolo, Chip, and Ginger for the Vehicle Voltron Force (Rugger Team).  There were also a number of characters for the Sea Team, Land Team, and the Lion Voltron robots Black Lion, Red Lion, Green Lion, Blue Lion, Yellow Lion, etc.