Care Bears

Care Bears Plush 80's Toys

The Care Bears first popped up on greeting cards in 1981.  By 1983, Kenner had turned the bears into plush teddy bears.  That same year, and again in 1984, the Care Bears had their own TV specials, and by 1985, their own Saturday morning cartoon.  There were also three movies, in 1985, 1986, and 1987.

Each Care Bear came with a different color and heart insignia on their chest.  The insignia (referred to as tummy symbol or belly badge) represented the bear's duty and/or personality.  With names like Funeshine Bear, Bedtime Bear, Tenderheart Bear, and Baby Tugs Bear, there were tons to choose from.  Some of you may even remember the Care Bears family spin-off called Care Bears Cousins, which were other animals (monkeys, raccoons, dogs, pigs, cats, lions, etc.).