Lady Lovely Locks

Lady Lovely Locks Pixitails 80's Toys

Lady Lovely Locks and the Pixietails was a line of characters created by American Greetings (same company that brought the world Care Bears and Strawberry Shortcake).  Mattel picked up the rights to a toy line in 1987, and a 20 episode cartoon was released at the same time.  The premise of the cartoon revolved around how Princess Lady Lovely Locks saved the Kingdom of Lovelylocks from the bad guys with help of her friends (and the Pixietails).

In addition to Lady Lovely Locks, there was Maiden Fair Hair, Maiden Curly Crown, Silky Pup, and Prince Strong Heart.  Some of the main villains included Duchess Ravenwavers, Hairball, and the Comb Gnomes.  The toys revolved around these characters and came with accessories like shoes, clothes, and combs (for those lovely locks).