Herself the Elf

Herself the Elf 80's Toys

Herself the Elf, similar to Strawberry Shortcake, was an early 80's line of toys developed in conjunction by American Greetings and Mattel.  A series of dolls was released, in addition to a number of books, records, and even a cartoon.

Characters included not only Herself the Elf, but also Snowdrop, Meadow Morn, Willow Song, and Wood Pink.  They all had their own magical powers and little wands with which to wield them.  The wands were pretty fancy and each character had her expertise.  For example, Snowdrop's wand had a caterpillar on the top, and she was in charge of water and air.  Meadow Morn's wand had a bluebird on the top, and she was in charge of taking care of the animals.