Alien Nation

Alien Nation TV Show

Alien Nation, which ran for one season from 1989 to 1990 on Fox, was a sci-fi drama spun off from the 1988 movie called Alien Nation.  TV Guide listed the series as one of the 60 shows that were cancelled too soon.  The show was continued into the 1990's with a number of made for TV movies that featured the original cast.  In the show, Detective Sikes was played by Gary Graham, and Detective Francisco by Eric Pierpoint.

In this show, an alien slave ship crashed in the desert.  The aliens, or "newcomers" as they were called, were eventually assimilated into the general population of Los Angeles.  One of them, George Francisco (Pierpoint), paired up with a human cop, Matthew Sikes (Graham), to fight both crime and prejudice as they both learned to appreciate each others culture.  Racism and bigotry were significant themes throughout the series, as long as the occasional weird thing, such as the fact that the male aliens were the ones who bore their young.