Witness Movie Poster

"Harrison Ford is John Book.  A big city cop.  A small country boy.  They have nothing in common...but a murder".  Witness, an award winning film released in 1985, starred Harrison Ford as Philly Detective John Book, Kelly McGillis as Rachel Lapp, Danny Glover as Lt. James McFee, and Viggo Mortensen as Moses Hochleitner.  The film was well received by critics (Roger Ebert gave it 4 out of 4 stars), but not by the Amish community, especially the Amish community where the film was made.  The movie turned a hefty profit for Paramount Pictures.

In this movie, on a trip to the big city, an Amish widow’s 8 year old son, Samuel, witnessed a murder at the train station.  Detective John Book (Ford) is assigned to the case, and after Samuel recognizes narcotics officer James McFee (Glover) as one of the killers.  After confiding in his superior officer about McFee, Book is ambushes and nearly killed by McFee, which indicated that Book’s boss was also in on the murder.  Book quickly returns Samuel and his mother (Rachel, played by McGillis) back to Amish country, where the Amish people nurse Book back to health.

While with the Amish people, Book begins falling in love with Rachel, and the two begin doing things that are not appropriate in the eyes of the Amish.  At the same time, the crooked cops have arrived in Amish country and are closing in on Book.  In the end, Book, with the help of the Amish community, gets the upper hand.  After justice is served, John Book says goodbye and drives back to the big city.