Sunshine Family, The

The Sunshine Family 80's Toys

The Sunshine Family line of toys was made by Mattel throughout the 1970’s.  We include it here because some of us were actually alive in the 70's and remember these toys.  The Sunshine Family members were a lot like Barbie, except smaller and not so “cute”.  The Sunshine Family clan was marketed like a group of John Denver listening, pick-up driving country folk, not like the Bald Knobbers of Branson, but more like a 70’s version of Little House on the Prairie.

The toy line featured a number of characters and play sets.  Doll characters included Stephanie, Steve, Baby Sweets, the Grandparents, the family cat, the family dog, and many more.  There were many types of play sets, such as a house, a craft store, and a baby nursery.