Bally Astrocade Game Console

The Bally Astrocade was a relatively short-lived Midway home video console project that started out in 1977 as the Bally Home Library Computer, and later as the Bally Professional Arcade/Bally Computer System (1979).  When Midway lost interest in the system, it was sold off and then re-released as the Astrocade in 1983.  The timing was not good considering the video game crash of 1983, and by 1985, the Astrocade was nearly extinct.

Bally Astrocade Robot Killer Game

The Astrocade was an early cartridge system, using cartridges referred to as "Videocades", and the systems were released with three built-in games:  Gunfight, Checkmate, and Scribbling (a doodle program).  Most Videocades came with two games and the system could be upgraded to a personal computer.  All in the all, there were only 28 official games released for the Astrocade.  Shortly after the video game crash of 1983, the Astrocade was history, basically disappearing by 1985. Pictured above is the game Robot Killer, and pictured below is the game The Incredible Wizard.

Bally Astrocade the Incredible Wizard Game

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