Vectrex Game Console

The Vectrex was a rather short lived home video game console first released by General Consumer Electronics (GCE) and Milton Bradley in 1982.  The Vectrex was unique in that it came with an integrated vector monitor, which used plastic screen overlays to emulate colors.  At the time, vector graphic video games were very popular in arcades, and the Vectrex was able to artfully replicate their graphics (games like Space Wars, Star Trek, and Armor Attack).  The system came with a built-in game called MineStorm (pictured below), and a light pen and 3D-imager could be added later.

Vectrex Mine Storm Game

The bad news was that the Vectrex hit the market too late.  Within two years, and after a price drop of 150%, the video game crash of 1983 caused the demise of the Vectrex.  The system was gone by 1984, costing Milton Bradley, and later Hasbro, millions of dollars in losses.  Still, the system has a devoted fan-base as the first, and only, vector based home console system. Some of you may have even owned the cutting-edge light pen (pictured below), which allow the user to "draw" on the screen.

Vectrex Game Console Light Pen

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