Coach 80's TV Show

Coach, starring Craig T. Nelson as Coach Hayden Fox, Jerry Van Dyke as Luther Van Dam, Shelley Fabares as Christine Armstrong, and Bill Faberbakke as Dauber Dybinski, was a half-hour comedy show that ran from 1989 to 1997 on ABC.  Fox (Nelson) was the die-hard head coach of a college football team called the Screaming Eagles in early seasons, and then later for a fictional NFL expansion team called the Orlando Breakers.  Christine (Fabares) was Fox’s wife, while Luther (Van Dyke) and Dauber (Faberbakke) played assistant coaches.

Much of the show’s action revolved around Coach Fox’s interaction with his assistant coaches, his daughter, his wife, the team, and others at the school.  For example, Fox had a running feud with the ladies’ basketball team coach, Judy, who he would constantly prank.  Each character had their own quirks, such as Luther, a life-time bachelor that had self-confidence issues, and Dauber, a seemingly dimwitted ex-football player was actually pretty smart.  In later episodes, Fox and his wife adopt twin boys, and they become part of the show.