Benson 80's TV Show

Benson was a family comedy sitcom that ran on ABC from 1979 to 1986.  It was actually a spin-off of a show called "Soap."  Robert Guillaume, who played the role of Benson, played the role of butler for the dysfunctional Tate family on the show Soap.  An interesting little known fact about Benson was that Jerry Seinfeld played a small part on 3 episodes in 1980.

In this comedy, Benson DuBois was the butler to the state Governor, Eugene Gatling (James Noble), who was related to the sisters Benson worked for in Soap.  The show primarily revolved around the issues encountered by Benson as he tried to run the household.  Although Benson is the envy of much of the other hired hands working at the estate, he is held in high esteem by the Governor and helps others solve their problems.  As the years go by, Benson works his way from butler to eventually Lieutenant Governor.