Bosom Buddies

Bosom Buddies 80's TV Show

Starring Tom Hanks as Kip (Buffy) and Peter Scolari as Henry (Hildegarde), Bosom Buddies was an ABC comedy that ran from 1980 to 1982.  Although the show was funny, with much improvisation between the two main characters, the showed still only lasted two seasons.  One issue with the lackluster response to the show was the fact that a Screen Actors strike in 1980 kept ABC flipping the shows time slot, and by the second season, even fewer people were watching.  NBC aired reruns of the show in 1984 after Hanks' increase in popularity.

In this TV comedy, Kip and Henry find themselves in desperate need of a place to live after their apartment is torn down.  They assume female identities and end up living in a low-rent, all-girl apartment building, with only one female tenant in the building knowing their true identities.  By the second season, others in the building were aware of their true male identities, but they were allowed to continue living their regardless.  Juggling their careers in advertising, maintaining the female facade, and avoiding the temptation of living with a number of beautiful women, was enough for two years worth of comedy.