Atlantic Starr

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Atlantic Starr Band

Atlantic Starr was a nine member late 70's and 80's R&B band that was founded in Greenburgh, New York circa 1976.  In 1977, the band moved to California and began playing night clubs under the band name Newban.  After A&M agreed to sign the band, they also requested that Newban change the name of the band to Atlantic Starr.  Over the years, Atlantic Starr had several notable female lead singers, including Barbara Weathers, Portia Martin, and Sharon Bryant.

Atlantic Starr released their self-titled debut in 1978, with a follow up release (Straight to the Point) in 1979.  By the 1980's, they were down to five band members.  The band released a total of six albums in the 1980's.  It was the band's 1985 release, As the Band Turns, that they began climbing the charts.  Many of you will remember the song "Secret Lovers" from this release.  Their 1987 release, All in the Name of Lovebrought us the #1 hit "Always".  Their last 80's album to produce an 80's hit was We're Movin' Up (1988), which featured the #1 R&B hit song "My First Love".

Atlantic Starr continued their success into the early 90's.  You may remember the song "Masterpiece" from the album Love Crazy (1991).  Although the band continued to produce well into the 1990's, they were never again able to capture the success of the mid 1980's.  Their last new release was in 1999.  A number of the members, including several of the female lead singers, went on to successful solo careers.  At the time of this writing, the Atlantic Starr discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Atlantic Starr track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1978: Atlantic Starr
  • 1979: Straight to the Point
  • 1980: Radiant
  • 1982: Brilliance
  • 1983: Yours Forever
  • 1985: As the Band Turns
  • 1986: Secret Lovers: The Best of Atlantic Starr
  • 1987: All in the Name of Love
  • 1987: Classics vol 10
  • 1989: We're Movin' Up
  • 1991: Love Crazy
  • 1994: Time
  • 1997: All Because of You
  • 1999: Legacy
  • 2000: Ultimate Collection
  • 2001: Millennium collection: The Best of Atlantic Starr