Benny Mardones

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Benny Mardones Singer

Benny Mardones, who actually looked like he should have been singing hair metal, debuted in 1978 (in fact, he really should be in the Rock section of this site as some of his songs are a bit edgy).  Ruben Armand Mardones, whose father was a Chilean, was from Ohio and raised in Maryland.  Throughout his teenage years, Mardones performed with his band at various schools in the Maryland area.  After serving time in the Navy during the Vietnam War conflict, Mardones moved to New York City to pursue a music career.

Initially, Mardones started out co-writing songs with Alan Miles,  and later with Bobby Tepper.  Many of his songs were performed by various artists of the day.  Many of the initial demos were performed by Benny, and it was suggested that he sing his own songs.  He was invited to fill as the warm up act during some key events, including a Peter Frampton concert.  It was during this time that Mardones wrote the song he is most known for:  "Into the Night".  This song not only catapulted Mardones into stardom in 1980 (Never Run, Never Hide), but it is said to have been one of the most frequently played songs on the radio.

Unfortunately, success was a hard pill for Mardones to swallow, and he soon found himself spiraling out of control with drugs and fast living.  Benny, for all intents and purposes, disappeared from the music scene.  Never the less, he remained a large concert draw in New York, and a couple of more albums were released in the Syracuse area that jump-started his career.  By 1989, "Into the Night" was once again one of the most requested songs on the radio.  It was re-released in 1989 on Benny Mardones.

At the time of this writing, Benny Mardones was still active, especially in the Syracuse, NY area with his band The Hurricanes.  At the time of this writing, the Benny Mardones Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Benny Mardones track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1978: Thank God for Girls
  • 1980: Never Run, Never Hide
  • 1981: Too Much to Lose
  • 1985: Unauthorized
  • 1986: American Dreams
  • 1989: Benny Mardones
  • 1996: Stand By Your Man
  • 1998: Bless a Brand New Angel (or Angel)
  • 2002: A Journey Through Time
  • 2006: Let's Hear It for Love
  • 2008: Extended Versions
  • 2007: Voila