Firestarter Movie Poster 1984

"Charlie McGee is a happy, healthy eight-year-old girl.  Normal in every way but one.  She has the power to set objects afire with just one glance.  It's a power she does not want.  It's a power she cannot control.  And, each night, Charlie prays to be just like very other child.  But there are those who will do everything in their power to find her...or destroy her.  Will she have the survive?"

Firestarter was a sci-fi Stephen King flick, released in 1984, that starred Drew Barrymore as Charlie McGee, David Keith as Andy McGee, Martin Sheen as Captain Hollister, Heather Locklear as Vicky McGee, and George C. Scott as John Rainbird.  The movie was not a hit with critics, and it only made a small profit.  Nevertheless, it is a widely recognized 80's flick, and popular enough to warrant a SyFy channel miniseries in 2002.

In this film, college students Andy McGee (Keith) and Vicky (Locklear) earn money by participating in lab experiments, from a place called "The Shop", where they took drugs that allowed Andy to put thoughts into other people's mind and Vicky to to read minds.  Fast forward 9 years, and the two are now married with a 9 year old daughter (Charlie, played by Barrymore), who can tell the near future and telepathically start fires.

One day when Andy returns home, he finds that "The Shop" has sent goons to kill his wife in an effort to kidnap Charlie and user her skills as a weapon of war.  Andy and Charlie escape, but are captured by the lab and subjective to a number of tests.  In the end, Andy is killed as he tries to protect his daughter, and Charlie ends up burning the entire lab down.