Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movie Poster

In total, there were 7 films released in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, from 1974 through 2013 (Texas Chainsaw 3D).  Only one of these films was released in the 1980’s (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, 1986).  On a low budget of less than $300k, the original movie went on to earn over 30 million dollars, even though reviews were mixed.

In the original movie, a group of teenagers are on a road trip to investigate the vandalism and grave robbing of a relative’s grave site.  On the way to the family homestead, the group picks up a hitchhiker, who tries to slash them after they refuse to buy a Polaroid picture he is selling.  After they kick him out of their car, they end up stranded in town for the night at the family homestead when they find the gas station is out of gas.  While at the house, a few of the friends decide to cool off at the local pond.  They find the pond empty, but hear a pump running in the distance.  They follow the pump to a house, knock on the door, and are subsequently ripped to shreds by Leatherface, who has an entire home full of furniture made from human bones.

As darkness falls, the rest of the friends set out to fine the others.  Leatherface begins to tear them up, about the same time his brother (the hitchhiker) shows up, and the crazy duo torments the last surviving friend, Sally Hardesty.  In the end, Sally barely escapes with her life, but Leatherface is still alive to kill another day.