Return of the Living Dead, The

The Return of the Living Dead Movie Poster

"They're back from the grave and ready to party".  The Return of the Living Dead was a comedy horror film released in 1985.  The movie was well received by critics, was nominated for a number of Saturn Awards, and was a moderate box office success.  It was popular enough to warrant a number of sequels, and Return of the Living Dead 2 hit the scene in 1988, and Return of the Living Dead 3 in 1993.

In the original movie, a couple of employees at a medical warehouse start messing with some old military barrels stored in the basement.  It just so happened that the barrels contained what was left of the experiment that spawned the moving Night of the Living Dead, and the duo soon finds themselves trying to destroy a real life zombie.

In an effort to destroy the zombie, matters get out of hand, and the warehouse ends up with not only a handful of zombies, but also a handful of friends trying to pick up the employees after their shift as to end.  Zombies in the grave yard begin to come back to life, and the rest of the movie is about how the friends deal with the zombies.  In the end, the military decides the collateral damage is worth the risk, and they send in a nuke to destroy the entire area.