Silver Bullet

Silver Bullet Movie Poster

Silver Bullet, released in 1985, was another Stephen King book based flick.  The movie starred Gary Busey as Uncle Red, Everett McGill as Reverend Lester Lowe, and Corey Haim as Marty Coslaw.  The movie received mixed reviews on its debut, although some heavy hitters, like Roger Ebert, liked it.  The movie did turn a profit.

In this movie, set in a small town in Main, there are a number of very gruesome and suspicious murders taking place.  In reality, the murders are all being committed by a werewolf.  When an armed vigilante group of local citizens is formed to find the killer, a number of them are actually killed.  The town goes on lock-down, and a curfew is implemented.  The Coslaw family decides to have their own 4th of July party any way, and Marty Coslaw (Haim) shoots the werewolf in the eye with a firework, causing serious damage.  The next day, they see that the Reverend (McGill) has an injured eye.

In an effort to stop the Reverend from additional murders, the Coslaw family melts down some jewelry into a silver bullet.  Eventually, the werewolf shows up at their house, and after an extended melee, Marty manages to shoot and kill the werewolf, which turns back into the Reverend as it dies.