Ghoulies Movie Poster

Ghoulies was a series of horror-comedy movies released in the 1980's and 1990's.  The original movie was released in 1985, Ghoulies II in 1988, Ghoulies Go to College (Ghoulies III) in 1991, and Ghoulies IV in 1994.  The original movie was a huge financial success, netting an estimated $35 million off of a $1 million dollar budget.

In the original 1985 movie, Peter Liapis stars as Jonathan Graves, a young man who discovers his father was into the occult.  In an attempt to gain supernatural powers, Jonathan uses his father's knowledge and tools to conger up evil forces.  Unfortunately for him, he did not obtain supernatural powers, but instead a houseful of evil little creatures called Ghoulies.  The Ghoulies only real intention is to terrorize all those who took place in the conjuring ritual.  The sequel finds the Ghoulies relocating from the Graves mansion to an amusement park, where they terrorize patrons who think they are part of a fun house attraction.  The third movie finds the Ghoulies wreaking havoc on a college campus by instigating not-so-harmless college pranks, and the final film has Jonathan Graves returning to fight against his former girlfriend who has managed to summon the Ghoulies one last time.