Jaws 3-D

Jaws 3-D Movie Poster

"The third dimension is terror".  The original Jaws hit the scene in 1975, and Jaws II in 1978.  What do you do if you know a third installment is probably a bad idea, but you decide to make the movie anyway?  Make it in 3D!  Jaws 3D, also known as Jaws III was released in 1983 and starred Dennis Quaid as a grown up Michael Brody working at Sea World.  The movie was ripped by critics, and it did not earn nearly as much as its predecessors, but nevertheless, it was a profitable film and huge box office draw.

Fans of the movie will remember that Sea World has announced a new underwater tunnel system, and employees cannot understand why the dolphins are afraid to come out of their pens.  It isn't long before employees are killed by a shark, in addition to criminals sneaking into the park for devious reasons.  Brody investigates, and just before being saved by the dolphins, he notices a  baby Great White Shark, which is eventually captured and dies in captivity.

Come to find out, the baby shark's mother is still living inside the park, and the park employees go about the process of trying to kill it, while it goes about the business of killing the employees. In the end, Brody is able to detonate a grenade that is in the hand of a severed arm hanging from the shark's mouth, and the shark is killed.  Those who are still alive live, presumably, happy ever after.