Cyborg Movie Poster

Cyborg, known as Cyborg 009 in the UK, was a martial arts science fiction flick released in 1989.  The film producers original intent was to make a sequel for Masters of the Universe and a Spider Man movie, but when the projects fell through, and having spent 2 million dollars on costumes, a new project for Cyborg was hatched.  The screenplay for the movie was written in a single weekend.  The movie did not receive very good reviews, however it was successful at the box office, earning 10 million dollars (budget of $500k).  Sequels were released in 1993 and 1995, neither of which were related to the story line of the original.

The movie starred Jean Claude Van Damme as mercenary Gibson Rikenbacker.  It is set in a post-apocalyptic future where a plague has nearly crippled civilization.  A group of scientists, working on a cure on one side of the country, need data from a computer in New York City, so they transform a female volunteer, named Pearl Prophet, into a Cyborg to get the data.  With a body guard's help, she does get the data, but is intercepted by a gang of marauders who are intent on monopolizing and profiting from the vaccine.  Her body guard is killed, and she runs into Gibson, who is intent on helping her.

During a confrontation with the gang's leader, Fender Tremolo (yes), Gibson is knocked out and Pear is kidnapped.  Gibson is intent on killing Fender, in large part due to an event in his past, where Fender killed the woman Gibson loved.  Gibson battles Fender's gang, killing most of them, but Fender gets the best of him, by torturing him and nailing him to the mast of a ship.  He survives with the help of a friend.  In the end, there is a great battle between Fender's gang and Gibson, who gets the upper hand in the end and kills Fender.  Pear is then taken to the scientists so that the cure can be completed and humanity can be saved.