Flight of the Navigator

Flight of the Navigator Movie Poster

Flight of the Navigator was a Walt Disney flick, released in 1986, that starred Joey Cramer as little Davie Freemen, Sarah Jessica Parker as Carolyn McAdams (a NASA intern), and Paul Rubens (yes, Pee Wee) as Trimaxion (the voice of the ship). The movie received overall positive reviews and did well in theaters.

The movie starts out normally enough, with Davie growing up in the all-American family.  One day, after being sent to find meet up with this brother, Davie was knocked unconscious after a fall.  After he wakes up, he tries to return home, only to find 8 years have passed, he hasn't aged, but his family has.  In the mean time, an alien spacecraft has recently crashed in the area, and is being held in a secret NASA location.  During an examination,  it is discovered that Davie has knowledge of the stars and the ship, and that he had been taken to a planted called Phaelon, 560 light years from earth.

The ship, called Max by Davie, telepathically contacts Davie, who calls Davie the Navigator, in order that they finish their mission of collection biological specimens for return to Phaelon.  During the crash, Max damaged his memory banks, and he needs the star charts stored in Davie's brain in order to return home.  Davie escapes with the ship, and while Max downloads the charts from Davie's brain, Max also downloads human emotions.  While trying to return to his Florida home, and with NASA after them, Davie realizes the risk of returning home is too great.  In the end, he asks Max to return him to the day he fell in the ravine, and he wakes up to return to his life before the accident.