Escape from New York

Escape from New York Movie Poster

"1997, New York City is a walled maximum security prison.  Breaking out is impossible, breaking in is insane."  Released in 1981, Escape from New York starred Kurt Russell as ex-soldier (and ex-con) Snake Plissken.  The movie was a science-fiction, action flick directed by John Carpenter.  The movie was a success on both the ox office and review side of the fence.

In the movie, crime has risen dramatically in NYC, and it is actually the island of Manhattan that has become a prison.  Prisoners inside have all received life sentences, so once in, there is no escaping.  Not only is Manhattan walled off, but the waters surrounding the island are patrolled by guards, who are not allowed to go onto the island.

While the President of the USA flies to a peace summit with Russia and China to put an end to World War III, Air Force One crashes in Manhattan.  The President is kidnapped and held for hostage by the prisoners.  Snake, a prisoner on the inside, is asked by the police commissioner to rescue the President and retrieve his taped speech in exchange for his freedom.  A 24 hour bomb is placed inside Snake, that can only be diffused by the police, so Snake is stuck with the mission whether he likes it or not.

Snake goes about the business of trying to find the president while interacting with the colorful, criminal element of the island.  Snake finds the president being held by a criminal called the Duke of New York.  Eventually, with the help of friends, Snake rescues the president, gets the speech, and has the bomb diffused.  At the end of the movie, the President shows little regret for the lives lost trying to rescue him, so Snake slips a different tape to him instead of his speech.  The movie ends with the song "Bandstand Boogie" playing in the background. which is what the President thought was his tape, while Snake destroys the real tape.