Visionaries Action Figures

Visionaries: Knights of the Magical Light was an action figure toy line released by Hasbro in 1987.  The action figures were promoted by way of a TV cartoon by Sunbrow Productions and a comic book series by Star Comics.  Because the toy line did not really catch on, it did not take long before the entire toy line (and the cartoon) was history.

The back story for these action figures was that on the planet Prysmos, where electronic technology was replaced by magic, and two groups of knights, the Spectral Knights and the Darkling Lords, battled it out in competitions to be rewarded with special powers.  Winners were given special animal totems that allowed them to turn into their respective animal.  The animals were based on the character’s personality.  The Spectra Knights had names like Leoric, Ectar, Feryl, Witterquick, Cravex, and Cryotek.  The Darkling Lords had names like Darkstorm, Reekom, Mortdredd, and Cindarr.  Each action figure came with a hologram sticker on both their chest and staffs.  Only 12 figures and 4 vehicles were released.