Play Doh

Play Doh Yoda Playset

We all know that Play-Doh existed well before the 80’s, but considering that it was probably part of your 80’s childhood, we thought we would include a page about it.  Play-Doh started in the 1930’s as a compound for cleaning coal compounds from wallpaper, but by the 1950’s, it had been reworked and turned into an educational toy.  Play-Doh is essentially an innocuous mix of water, salt, flour, and a couple of other ingredients that makes for a fabulous modeling compound.  In the 1970’s and 1980’s, a number of Fun Factory sets could be used with Play-Doh to make a number of fun shapes.  For example, the Play-Doh Fuzzy Bumper Barber & Beauty Shop was released in 1977.  Play-Doh could be squeezed out of the top of a figurine’s head as hair, and then subsequently styled and cut.  Other sets included the Fun Factory, Mop Top Hair Shop, and Make-a-Meal.