Talking Snoopy

Talking Snoopy 80's Toys

The talking Snoopy doll was made by a company called Worlds of Wonder, which folded in the late 80's.  This Snoopy was a lot like Teddy Ruxpin in that he would play tapes and his eyes, mouth, and ears would move to the tape cues.  There were a number of tape sets that you could buy, such as “Snoopy at the Dog Show”, “Snoopy’s America”, “Snoopy’s Talent Show”, and “Snoopy, Spike, and the Cat Next Door”.

Each tape set would come with its own book, and you would follow along as Snoopy told a story.  While other characters spoke (Linus, Lucy, Charlie Brown, etc.), Snoopy’s mouth would not move.  Now, if you had one of these, considering the fact that Snoopy does not speak on any of the Peanuts cartoons, hearing his voice was a bit disconcerting.  He did not sound at all like you would expect, but instead he sounded like a junior mobster from New Jersey.