Snorks, The

The Snorks 80's Toys

Snorks (short for snorkels), was a Hanna-Barbera cartoon that ran from 1984 to 1989 on NBC.  It started out as a comic book in 1982, but was later transformed into a cartoon in order to compete with the Smurfs.  The Snorks were small creatures that lived in the underwater world of Snorkland.  Each Snork had a little snorkel on its head, which it used to propel itself under water.

There was a handful of different merchandising items and Snorks toys you could buy.  There were action figures depicting Snorks form the show:  The main good-guy Snorks had names like Allstar Seaworthy, Dimmy Finster, Casey Kelp, Tooter Shelby, Corky, Occy, Junior Wetworth, and Daffney Gillfin.  The villains were Dr. Strangesnork, his sidekick Finneus, Bigweed, Lil Seaweed, the Great Snork Nork, and the Snork Eaters; there was also lunch boxes, buttons, and stickers you could buy.