Shrinky Dinks

Mr. T Shrinky Dink

Shrinky Dinks were created in 1973 by two housewives who needed a Cub Scout project.  By the mid 1970’s, they could be found on many store shelves.  Shrinky Dinks, which are still manufactured today, are basically thin pieces of plastic that come with designs on them (or designs can be put on them).  When heated in an oven, they shrink down to about half their original size, becoming more rigid but retaining their design.  Shrinky Dinks reached the height of their popularity in the 1980’s, and just about every pop culture subject matter could be found on a Shrinky Dink.  Pac-Man, Mr. T., Smurfs, Garfield, E.T., He-Man, Dungeons and Dragons, G.I. Joe, Rainbow Brite, and so many more.