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ABC Band

The band ABC was one of the most recognized "English New Romantic" bands of the 1980's.  The roots of the band can traced back to 1977, when a Sheffield, England, band called Vice Versa, self-released an EP called Music 4.  After a jaunt with The Human League in 1978, the band ABC was formed and the rest is history.  ABC released their first single in 1981, "Tears Are Not Enough", which made it into the UK top 20. 

ABC's first official album release, The Lexicon of Love, was released in 1982 and made it to the top of the UK album charts.  It has often regarded as ABC's best album and even ranked in the top 100 best British albums of all time by multiple reputable ranking organizations.  Hit songs you may remember from this release include "Poison Arrow", "The Look of Love (Part One)", and "All of My Heart".  ABC's second release, Beauty Stab (1983), did not do nearly as well.  Never the less, there were two singles released on this album that charted in the top 40:  "That Was Then But This Is Now" and "S.O.S.".

ABC's popularity in the UK continued to decrease by the time their third album, How to Be a...Zillionaire, was released in 1985.  Although the album did not chart very high in the UK, it did produce the band's first top 10 hit in the USA ("Be Near Me").  A few more 80's albums followed in addition to an album in 1991 (see the discography below).  Since their heyday, ABC continued their activity both in studio an on stage (various reunion tours).  However, none of this continued activity included all original band members.  At the time of this writing, the ABC Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any ABC track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1982: The Lexicon of Love
  • 1983: Beauty Stab
  • 1985: How to Be a...Zillionaire!
  • 1987: Alphabet City
  • 1988: The Suburbs of Alphabet City
  • 1989: Up
  • 1990: Absolutely
  • 1991: Abracadabra
  • 1991: Fantastic Compositions
  • 1991: Remixes and Others
  • 1992: ABC 1
  • 1992: ABC 2
  • 1993: Tears Are Not Enough
  • 1993: The Remix Collection
  • 1996: The Collection/The Look of Love
  • 1997: Skyscraping
  • 1997: Master Series
  • 1999: The Lexicon of Live
  • 1999: Classic ABC
  • 2000: One Better World
  • 2000: The Best of ABC: 20th Century Masters
  • 2000: ABC Best - The Look of Love
  • 2000: Hello! An Introduction to ABC
  • 2001: Look of Love - The Very Best of ABC
  • 2002: Poison Arrow
  • 2004: The Ultimate Collection
  • 2006: Gold
  • 2007: Never More Than Now - The ABC Collection
  • 2008: Traffic