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Ambrosia Band

Ambrosia, named after the Greek mythological drink of immortality, was a Progressive American rock band that formed in California back in 1970.  Although the majority of Ambrosia's career was in the 1970's, their greatest chart success was in the early 1980's with the release of the album One Eighty.

It took Ambrosia 5 years to pick up a record deal.  Their self-titled debut hit shelves in 1975 and featured the hit songs "Holdin' On To Yesterday" and "Nice, Nice, Very Nice".  It was produced by Alan Parsons, who Ambrosia later played for on for the Alan Parson's Project releases.  After a long tour, Ambrosia returned with Somewhere I've Never Traveled in 1976, which featured the hit title track as well as the song "Can't Let a Woman".  Other hit songs you may remember from Ambrosia include "How Much I Feel" fromLife Beyond L.A. (1978), "Biggest Part of Me" and "You're the Only Woman (You & I)" from One Eighty (1980).  The band's last studio album, Road Island, was released in 1982 and featured the minor hit "How Can You Love Me".  It was a heavier sound for the band and was not as well received as previous efforts.  It is also worth mentioning that Ambrosia contributed songs to movie soundtracks of the 1980's, including the song "Outside" for the movie Inside Moves and "Poor Rich Boy" for the movie Arthur.

After the band split up, some members went on to solo careers or joined up with other groups.  By the late 1980's and beyond, Ambrosia could be found on tour.  Their last new release was a live album released in 2012.  At the time of this writing, the Ambrosia Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Ambrosia track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1975: Ambrosia
  • 1976: Somewhere I've Never Traveled
  • 1978: Live Beyond L.A.
  • 1980: One Eighty
  • 1982: Road Island
  • 1997: Anthology
  • 2002: Live at the Galaxy
  • 2003: How Much I Feel and Other Hits