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Alphaville Band

Alphaville was a German band that formed in 1982.  Initially the band called themselves "Forever Young", under the name of which they released their first demo.  Soon after, the band changed their name to Alpahville and, in 1984, released their first single called "Big In Japan".

By the fall of 1984, Alphaville had incorporated "Big In Japan" into their first full album release, Forever Young.  "Big In Japan" became their most successful hit, charting in multiple countries around the world, including the USA.  Other hit songs from the album included one of our favorite 80's tunes, the title track ("Forever Young"), and the song "Sounds Like a Melody".  The song "Forever Young" was also released and performed by Laura Branigan in later years.

In 1986, Alphaville released Afternoons in Utopia.  Although the album was not nearly as popular in the USA, it featured several European chart topping songs, including "Dance with Me" and "Universal Daddy".  "Dance with Me" did chart on the US Club Play Chart.  The Breathtaking Blue was released in 1989, and although it did not do nearly as well as previous albums, the songs "Romeos" and "Mysteries of Love" received critical acclaim.

Alphaville went on to release several more albums over the years, and were active (at the time of this writing) as late as 2011.  The songs "Big In Japan" and "Forever Young" have been covered over the years by bands like Youth Group (Australia) and Amorous Anathema (Sweden).  At the time of this writing, the Alphaville Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Alphaville track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1984: Forever Young
  • 1986: Afternoons in Utopia
  • 1988: Alphaville Amiga Compilation
  • 1988: Alphaville the Singles Collection
  • 1989: The Breathtaking Blue
  • 1992: First Harvest 1984-1992
  • 1993: History
  • 1994: Prostitute
  • 1997: Salvation
  • 1999: Dreamscapes
  • 2000: Stark Naked and Absolutely Live
  • 2001: Forever Pop
  • 2003: Crazy Show
  • 2003: Crazy Show Excerpts
  • 2005: Dreamscapes Revisited
  • 2010: Catching Rays on Giant