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Berlin Band

Berlin, a band with no real ties to Europe, was an 80's synthpop band from Los Angeles that had its start in 1978.  The band's first single, "A Matter of Time", was released in 1979, re-issued in 1980 on their first album (Information), yet met with little fanfare.  Initially, Berlin failed to garner the attention they were seeking, as the synthpop movement was slow to catch on when compared to top 40 pop bands of the early decade.

In 1980, singer Terri Nunn had rejoined the band after a short stint as an actress, even auditioning for Princess Leia for the original Star Wars movie.  And no, she didn't get the part (duh).  What she did do, however, was help Berlin release their second album, Pleasure Victim, which featured two hit songs:  "Sex (I'm A...)" and "The Metro".   Berlin's 1984 release, Love Life, featured the song "No More Words".  Their best selling hit song, and the one they are probably most known for, was the single "Take My Breath Away", which was featured on the 1986 Top Gun movie soundtrack.  Unfortunately, this happened to be their last big hit.

Berlin released the album Count Three and Pray in 1986, but due to a lack of interest in the album and some internal issues with the band, Berlin had dissolved by 1987.  Interestingly enough, Terri Nunn somehow managed to wrangle the rights to the name Berlin away from founding member John Crawford, and subsequently continued to tour and release new material.  The original members of the band did return to the stage and studio at the time of this writing in 2012.  The current Berlin Discography is as follows:

Listen for free or download any Berlin track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1980: Information
  • 1982: Pleasure Victim
  • 1984: Love Life
  • 1986: Count Three & Pray
  • 1987: Dancing in Berlin
  • 1988: Best of Berlin 1979-1988
  • 1997: Master Series
  • 1999: Fall Into Heaven
  • 1999: Fall Into Heaven 2
  • 2000: Greatest Hits Remixed
  • 2000: LIVE: Sacred & Profane
  • 2002: Voyeur
  • 2005: 4Play
  • 2009: Terri Nunn & Berlin: All the Way In