Air Supply

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Air Supply Band

Air Supply was essentially two Australian soft rockers, Russell Hitchock (vocalist) and Graham Russell (guitarist).  The two met in 1975 while performing on state (for Jesus Christ Superstar).  Their first single, "Love and Other Bruises", was a hit in Australia.  Their first self-titled album, released in 1977, was also a hit in Australia (certified Gold).  After performing as the opening act for Rod Stewart on his Australian tour (1977), Stewart invited the band to continue as his opening act during his US tour as well.  This was the beginning of big things for the band.

Air Supply caught the eye of Arista Records, and the song "Lost In Love", which had been previously released in Australia, was remixed and included on the band's 1980 release Lost In Love.  This album was a huge success for the band.  There were a total of three top 5 hits that were released on this album:  "Every Woman in the World", "All Out of Love", and of course the title track.  Air Supply continued their successful run throughout the 1980's and early 1990's.  Other hit songs you will remember include "The One That You Love", "Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)", and "Sweet Dreams" (The One That You Love, 1981);  "Even the Nights are Better", "Young Love", and "Two Less Lonely People in the World" (Now and Forever, 1982); "Making Love Out of Nothing At All" (single from the 1983 Greatest Hits release); "Without You" (The Earth Is, 1991); "Goodbye" (The Vanishing Race, 1993).

Post 1993, Air Supply continued their activity, especially in countries like Japan and Taiwan.  At the time of this writing, their last new release of new material was in 2010 (Mumbo Jumbo).  At the time of this writing, the Air Supply Discography was as follows:

Listen for free or download any Air Supply track for just 12 cents per song!

  • 1976: Air Supply
  • 1977: The Whole Thing's Started
  • 1977: Love & Other Bruises
  • 1979: Life Support
  • 1980: Lost in Love
  • 1981: The One That You Love
  • 1982: Now and Forever
  • 1983: Greatest Hits
  • 1983: Making Love...The Very Best of Air Supply
  • 1985: Air Supply
  • 1986: Hearts in Motion
  • 1987: The Christmas Album
  • 1991: The Earth Is...
  • 1993: The Vanishing Race
  • 1995: News from Nowhere
  • 1995: Now and Forever...Greatest Hits Live
  • 1997: The Book of Love
  • 1999: The Definitive Collection
  • 2001: Yours Truly
  • 2001: Sweet Dreams: The Encore Collection
  • 2003: Across the Concrete Sky
  • 2003: Ultimate Air Supply
  • 2003: Forever Love: 36 Greatest Hits
  • 2004: Platinum and Gold Collection
  • 2005: Love Songs
  • 2005: The Singer and the Song
  • 2005: All Out of Love Live
  • 2009: Free Love
  • 2010: Mumbo Jumbo
  • 2010: Playlist: The Very Best of Air Supply
  • 2012: The Ultimate Collection