Commando Movie Poster

"Somewhere, somehow, someone's going to pay..."

Released in 1985, Commando launched Schwarzenegger into his role of blow 'em up action star.  Not only did the movie receive good reviews by critics, but it also was a box office hit.  The movie starred Arnold Schwarzenegger as John Matrix, Rae Dawn Chong as Cindy, and Alyssa Milano as John's teenage daughter.

In the me movie, retired Colonel John Matrix is informed by his former General that he is the only remaining member of his unit.  All other members had been killed by mercenaries.  The mercenaries attach John's home and kidnap his daughter.  Their plan is to force John into assassinating somebody for a South American dictator, named Arius, that John help depose when he was in action.

During the flight to South America, John kills his body guard, jumps from the plane, and goes about the business of finding his daughter within the 11 hours it would taken the plane to land.  John ends up enlisting the help of a flight attendant named Cindy to help him catch Sully, one of Arius' men.  Eventually they fly to South America, where John blows up every last militia man in Arius' village, and eventually Arius himself.  John finds his daughter in danger as one of John's old unit mates has her cornered, but John finishes him off as well, and everyone, including the flight attendant, fly back home together and presumably live happily ever after.