Better Off Dead

Better Off Dead Movie Poster

"Lane wants to end it all.  But Monique is just getting started."  Better Off Dead was a romantic comedy released in 1985.  It starred 80's stud John Cusack as Lane Myer.  The movie did well at theaters and was a hit with most critics, although the powerhouse of Siskel and Ebert gave the film thumbs down.  It is well known that Cusack did not like the movie when it came out, but he has since lightened up about it.

The movie revolves around Lane Myer (Cusack), a high school student whose girlfriend, Beth, dumps him for the school ski team captain, Roy.  Lane is devastated, and figures the only way out, is suicide.  Fortunately, Lane's half-hearted attempts at following through with his plan never quite work out.  In the mix are a number of other characters, such as members of Lane's crazy family, his best friend Charles, who will even snort snow because he cannot get real cocaine, a couple of Japanese drag racers, and a foreign exchange student named Monique.

After spending time with Monique, who feigns to not know English when around her annoying host family, he begins to forget about Beth.  Monique helps Lane fix up his Camaro, and fix up his self-confidence.  In the end, Lane battles Roy (who stole Beth) on the slopes.  Does he win?