Making Mr. Right

Making Mr. Right Movie Poster

"A man with a good warranty is hard to find".  Making Mr. Right was a science-fiction comedy released in 1987.  The movie starred John Malkovich as Dr. Jeff Peters (and the android), and Ann Magnuson as Frankie Stone.  The movie received mixed reviews back in the day, and with a budget of 9 million, it was a box office dude, only netting 1.5 million.

In this movie, Dr. Jeff Peters (Malkvoich) is a stuck-up scientist who does not like people.  In an effort to pursue space travel, he creates an android (named Ulysses), that looks like himself, as a traveling companion.  Public relations for the project is being handled by Frankie Stone (Magnuson), who is being asked to get to know the android and "humanize" it.

As time goes on, Ulysses becomes more an more human-like, and more more likable over his creator.  He dates, he escapes the lab, and many other things that come as a surprise.  In the end, Dr. Peters realizes that he is better off in space without any companionship, so he blasts off and leaves Ulysses in his place, and Ulysses and Frankie continue their loving relationship.