Always Movie Poster

"They couldn't hear him.  They couldn't see him.  But he was there when they needed him...Even after he was gone."  Starring Richard Dreyfuss as Pete Sandich, Audrey Hepburn as Hap, Holly Hunter as Dorinda Durston, and John Goodman as Al Yackey, Always was a Steven Spielberg film released in 1989.  The movie received mixed reviews back in the day, as many of critics considered it a weak showing by Speilberg.  Never the less, it was still mildly profitable.

This movie follows the life of pilot/fire fighter, Pete (Dreyfuss), who drops fire retardant on forest fires from the bomb bay of an old WWII era bomber.  He is a bit of a cowboy, taking many risks in the air that scare his girlfriend, Dorinda (Hunter).  Dorinda talks Pete into taking a new, less risky job, and he agrees to this, but has one final flight to do before he can switch.

In the last run, Pete dies trying to save a friend (played by John Goodman), goes to the afterlife, where he is coached by his supernatural barber, named Hap (Hepburn), and then comes back to earth as a spirit.  As a spirit, his responsibility is to whisper inspiration into the ear of a new fire fighting recruit, Ted, who happens to be interested in Dorinda.  Instead of inspiring, a jealous Pete tries to sabotage Ted's advances to the willing Dorinda.  In the end, Pete accepts his fate, and allows the couple to be together.