Amadeus Movie Poster

"The man...the music...the madness...the murder...the motion picture."  Amadeus, released in 1984, was a period drama film that won a ton of Academy Awards, Golden Globes, and Oscars.  The movie was a hit with critics (obviously), and was a money maker for Orion Pictures. 

This movie portrays the life of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, partly fact and partly fiction, in the context of a competition between Mozart and another composer, Antonio Salieri.  Salieri is both disgusted and astounded in regard to Mozart's brazen attitude yet spectacular compositions.  As an old man, Salieri attempts to take his own life while asking forgiveness for killing Mozart, who he was jealous of considering his own talent mediocre in comparison.

It is during his confession to a priest in an asylum that we learn the story of Amadeus and Salieri's role in his life.  It turns out that Salieri hastened Wolfgang's death by overworking him and encouraging his depressive lifestyle.