Beaches Movie Poster

"They met on a beach 30 years ago.  Once in a lifetime you make a friendship that lasts forever".  Beaches, starring Bette Midler as Cecilia Carol Bloom  and Barbara Hershey as Hillary Whitney, was released in 1988.  The movie was a hit with critics and was profitable.

This movie is about the relationship dynamics between two life-long friends over a period of 30 years.  C.C. Carole (Midler) is a New York singer/actress, and her friend Hillary is a San Francisco heiress and lawyer.  The movie finds C.C. in Los Angeles when she gets word that her friend has fallen ill, and unable to catch a flight to San Francisco, she rents a car and drives.

As C.C. drives, we learn about how the two friends met as children, how they lived together at one point, and how they found themselves fighting over the love of one man.  We learn how their relationship evolved over the years, through divorce, parenthood, etc.  When Hillary dies, C.C. takes in Hillary's daughter, Victoria.